Australian Women Leading the Way in the International Arena

On the theme of women leading in sport it is most satisfying to see our very own Sarah Elliot (nee Edwards) and the magnificent ‘Southern Stars’ Australian Women’s Cricket Team bring home the ICC Twenty20 World Cup from Barbados. Interestingly the men’s and women’s tournaments were jointly held in the Caribbean, which offered the Australian men’s team an opportunity to support their colleagues during the final.We congratulate Sarah and the team on the tremendous acheivment; particularly in light of the fact that as elite athletes representing our country they still work in full or part time jobs and maintain very intensive training and fitness programs in order to make it to the top of their game. Good for our business that we can be flexible and get to work with such talent, but a bit tough for those who struggle to find supportive employers who will tolerate the constant interruptions through touring and training commitments.

We’re also very pleased to be able to introduce Melanie Jones, Australian Cricketer and Broadcaster to our team this month as she takes on the job of MC and Facilitator for the ‘Connecting Youth Services’ forum during Refugee Week for OnSide Victoria.

In addition our ‘Matilda’s’ Australian Women’s Football Team also achieved amazing success having won the nation’s first major international football trophy, bringing home the Asian cup. I watched intently as reporter Peter Wilkins, of ABC’s 7.30 Report, explained ‘Despite an Australian soccer first in winning the Asian Cup last night in China in a thrilling penalty shootout over DPR Korea, women’s football is a work in progress. The Australian women’s’ team reached the final in virtual anonymity, playing to small crowds, even in a gripping semi-final against Japan. That’s not dissimilar to support at home, where despite the successful launching pad of the World Cup quarter-finals in 2007, the game still struggles to attract attention. It’s hard to find match reports in newspapers or people at games, as the women’s game is held at arm’s length.’

This was followed by a comment from Daniel Lewis, of the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘We certainly think people do wanna know about women’s’ football, but the space that we’ve given it in the paper we’d like to think is in sync with the interest that’s out there.’

Our question to those ‘out there’ is hands up if your interest level is really in ‘sync’ with the ‘space’ given to women in sport? Media giants beware. There is a wave of ‘space invaders’ coming your way.

Oh and by the way Sam Stosur’s performance was also outstanding and continues to keep Australia on the sporting map …… go girl!

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