Sharing Young Women’s Stories: Inspire, Action, Vision a message from Australian Womensport and Recreation (AWRA)

AWRA is a member of the national Equality Rights Alliance

Equality Rights Alliance is celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day in 2011 and want you to be a part of it!

The International Women’s Day Project is called “Sharing young women’s stories: Inspire! Action! Vision!”

The project is designed to roll out in three phases:

  1. We want to share stories of inspiring women, past and present
  2. We will create an online space for young women to take action and discuss their views and thoughts on Body Image and Women’s Representation. See for a sneak preview or what’s to come….
  3. We will also work with young women to be part of a vision for change in an action to change society’s and media representation of women for the better.

In the first phase of our project we want to share stories of inspiring women, past and present. Who are the women that inspire you? Who were the women that inspired you when you were younger? Who are the women that inspire you now you are older?

All you need to share is:
  • An inspiring woman
  • 300-400 words about her
  • If possible, we’d love to also collect images. This might be an image of the inspirational woman…or an image that reflects how you have been inspired.

Submit it to Only submissions sent via the form will be accepted.

To help us get our project rolling, please make a submission by Friday 17 December 2010. Any queries or for assistance, please contact Garmisch Riley, International Women’s Day Project Officer:, ph 02 6175 9926

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