APWSW Endorsements

‘I would like to offer my support and commend you on your efforts. I believe through ongoing education we can effect real change, and it is vitally important that young girls have strong role models across all areas of society, including sports and the media, who can inspire them.

 I think the APWSW will work towards achieving true gender equality in Australia. I wish you all the best with the conference.’

Julie Collins MP, Federal Minister for the Status of Women

‘The Melbourne Cricket Club is delighted to host the 2012 Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the spiritual home of Australian sport. We support the conference’s aims with respect to growth in female participation and involvement in all aspects of the sport industry. We look forward to welcoming attendees to our marvellous city and its vibrant sporting and events culture.’

Stephen Gough, CEO, Melbourne Cricket Club

‘Foxtix is pleased be involved in the inaugural Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference in 2012 through the provision of promotional support and ticketing services. At Foxtix, it is our goal to assist venues, promoters and associations better engage with their audiences using data insights, smart technology and new promotional tools. Because of this, we recognise the importance of providing meaningful data and information to key target audiences and applaud the conference organisers as they look to increase engagement and opportunities for females in sport.’          

Adam McArthur, CEO, FOXTIX, 

‘I commend both the conference organisers and Football Federation Australia for their interest in overcoming the barriers to women’s participation in their sport. I recommend interested government, community and sporting organisations to support the facilitation of the innovative conference proposal.’                        

Kate Lundy, Senator for the Australian Capital Territory

On behalf of Football Federation Australia I endorse this conference and look forward to many positive outcomes to further grow the game for women in Australia and beyond.’                                                                       

John Boultbee, Head of International Department, Football Federation Australia        

The Australian WomenSport and Recreation Association (AWRA) is very pleased to endorse the ASIA PACIFIC World Sport and Women Conference in 2012. We encourage all stakeholders and potential conference partners to support this new, exciting initiative, as we are sure that the end result will be a highly successful Conference for football and for women’s sport.

Janice Crosswhite OAM, President, Australian WomenSport and Recreation Association

 ‘Women on Boards is happy to endorse the Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Organising Association conference in October 2012.  The increased representation of women in leadership and on boards in the sports sector was where our organisation started and we continue to work to this goal for the sports sector.  We look forward to supporting the conference and strengthening gender diversity in the sporting arena.’

Claire Braund, Executive Director, Women on Boards

 ‘The International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) supports this conference and trusts that it will be a catalyst for the advancement and empowerment of women and sport globally.’

Johanna Adriaanse, International Working Group on Women, IWG Co-chair.

‘This conference will present an opportunity for all stakeholders to develop a clear and workable strategy to increase female involvement and participation in all areas of sport with a particular focus on football.As this is the primary objective of the Member Federations of FFA we are pleased to endorse the Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference and encourage you to be a part of this exciting initiative.’

 The nine Australian Football Member Federations

 ‘The Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference 2012 will provide a wonderful opportunity to share experiences and explore opportunities to promote the consumption of sport by women.  It will connect experienced practitioners with policy makers and the corporate world and challenge them to embrace change.  Australian Rugby Union applauds this initiative.’    

Ian Alker, General Manager, Australian Rugby Union

‘Melbourne Heart FC is pleased to endorse the Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference 2012. Our club supports initiatives that improve opportunities for women and girls to participate and lead. Football and sport provide the perfect platform to advance these opportunities.’

Scott Munn, CEO, Melbourne Heart FC

‘On behalf of the ACT Football Federation (Capital Football) and Canberra United FC (Westfield W-League 2011/12 Premiers) I am pleased to support this important new Conference. After more than thirty years of active engagement in football, and predominantly in areas that have led to the improved status and opportunities for girls and women, I believe this conference will provide tremendous inspiration, education and strategies for future development of the world game and other sports.  Whilst the number of international programs and the quantity of females participating in football has improved significantly over the past decade, there is still a great deal of work to be done to advance and empower women in leadership, management, coaching and refereeing roles. With this in mind, I look forward to the conference outcomes as I expect they will help to shape and drive cultural and systemic changes within many sports.’

Heather Reid, CEO, Capital Football and Canberra United FC

‘FIFA has long advocated the ‘football family’ and identified as far back as 1999 that the ‘future of football is feminine’ but academic research indicates that girls and women remain largely on the semi-periphery of the ‘football family’.  I organized the 2005 ‘Women, Football and Europe’ Conference as part of the 2005 UEFA Women’s Euro Championships and this was the clear message.  Whilst it cannot be disputed that more girls and women are playing the game globally and to ever-improving standards – see recent World Cup and Olympic finals as evidence – there is still much to do locally, nationally and internationally.  Basic issues like funding streams, facilities, professionalization, coaching, administration support, and corporate sponsorship and media exposure need addressing for FIFA to deliver its 1999 promise.  The importance of this Conference to bring such issues to the fore is explicit and I hope key stakeholders across the football, sport and business worlds attend the conference and appreciate the need to engage women more centrally in the future development of football.  If the Conference can get such stakeholders to think about ‘football’ rather than ‘boys/men’s football’ and ‘girls/women’s football’ as separate entities then a significant message will have been delivered’.

Dr Jonathan Magee, Senior Lecturer, Division of Sports Development and Coaching, University of Central Lancashire, UK.

‘On behalf of the management of the Melbourne Victory Westfield W-League team, we are both pleased and excited to support the 2012 Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference here in Melbourne. The conference presents an amazing opportunity to help grow participation and support of not only the world game but women’s sport more broadly. The past 4 seasons of the W-League have seen dramatic gains in women’s football in Australia, but there is still much room for improvement both on and off the field. The conference will bring together successes, challenges and learning’s from our experiences as we search for solutions and strategies to achieve our sporting goals.’

Tim Frampton, GM – Football Operations, Melbourne Victory Westfield W-League Team

‘Athletics Australia are pleased to endorse the Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference in 2012. Our sport offers a fantastic platform for women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities from local participation to high performance. We welcome the opportunity to explore strategies that engage women in sport through participation, officiating, coaching, administration or management and to raise the profile of our fantastic female athletes’.

 Dallas O’Brien, CEO, Athletics Australia

‘Equestrian Australia is pleased to endorse the inaugural ASIA PACIFIC World Sport and Women Conference in 2012. Our sport is one of the few in the world where men and women compete alongside each other on equal terms and for equal prizes.  But like most sports, we’re always eager to look at ways where we can better promote and build profile for women in sport. We’re proud that our membership is made up of 87% females – but we also remain committed to look at ways to have women involved at all levels from participation through to leadership roles. We look forward to supporting the conference and working collectively with the industry to further promote women in sport.’

Grant Baldock, CEO, Equestrian Australia

‘On behalf of Global Dialogue Foundation, we commend this important initiative and encourage participation by all stakeholders. Let the inaugural event inspire a wave of similar events throughout the world. The Global Dialogue Foundation look forward to participating in the conference and strengthening the role of community, private sector and non-government organisations in cross-cultural understanding across the sporting environment’. 

Peter (Pece) Gorgievski, Co-Founder and CEO, Global Dialogue Foundation               

‘On behalf of Touch Football Australia (TFA) we are both pleased and excited to add our endorsement to the ASIA PACIFIC World Sport and Women Conference for 2012.  As a sport with almost parity within our playing ranks we recognise not only the vital role women play on the sporting field but also off of it as officials, staff members, volunteers and leaders.  As a sport focussed on growing our female participation over the coming years and recognising the significant contribution of these members the agenda provides a clear opportunity to understand the core drivers which will assist us to fulfil these objectives.  As a truly inclusive sport Touch Football Australia commends this initiative and we are enthused by what will be a highlight of 2012.’ 

Colm Maguire,  CEO, Touch Football Australia

‘Table Tennis Australia is pleased to endorse the Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference in 2012. Overcoming the barriers to women and girls participating in sport has been an issue that our sport has been trying to address both domestically and internationally and I applaud the conference organisers on their conference initiative.’

Peter Marriott, CEO, Table Tennis Australia

‘Badminton Australia has much pleasure in endorsing the Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference in 2012.  This is a very exciting initiative and will greatly support the promotion of women’s sport. Badminton Australia encourages people to attend.’

Paul Brettell, CEO, Badminton Australia

‘Women play a big part in amateur boxing, from athletes to officials and coaches to administrators. They are a vital key to our core business. Boxing Australia endorses the Asia Pacific World Sport & Women’s conference and looks forward to the key outcomes, strategies, innovations and trends that may be useful to maximising women’s participation in sport.’

Kable Kelleway, CEO, Boxing Australia Inc.

‘In Australia we are proud to boast that our membership is nearly a 50/50 split between males and females, particularly at the school level.  At our recent National Schools Championships we had 465 teams competing with 235 or nearly 51% female teams.  The Asia Pacific World Sport and Women conference presents Volleyball Australia with the opportunity to utilize marketing and media to enhance our profile and participation numbers to ensure females remain in the sport. We wish you the best of success with the event.’ 

W. Joan Perry, CEO, Volleyball Australia

‘On behalf of Australian Canoeing I endorse this Conference. We are committed to the promotion of female participation in Canoeing and this conference will be an exciting opportunity to discuss strategies to help in that goal.’

Greg Doyle, CEO, Australian Canoeing

‘Golf Australia is pleased to endorse the Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference. We think it is a terrific initiative and one that will deliver some key benefits to a number of sports including golf. Whilst we have over 100,000 female members, we see great potential to increase the number of females involved in golf and we are always enthusiastic to explore new ways to connect with existing and potential female golfers.’

Stephen Pitt, CEO, Golf Australia

 ‘Australian International Shooting Limited (AISL) is pleased to endorse the Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference in October 2012. As an organisation, AISL has been endeavouring to raise the profile of women in the shooting sports. This conference platform will give Australian media the much needed impetus to promote women in sport. In particular, it is exciting to note that Australia’s elite women shooters will benefit from new dialogue, greater opportunities to network, and a wider coverage of our Olympic sport.’

Nick Sullivan, CEO, Australian International Shooting Limited

‘Taekwondo Australia is pleased to endorse the 2012 Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference. In a sport which has a high percentage of female participation at all age levels, we are cognisant that the general public perception is one of it being male dominated, even though the first taekwondo Olympic gold medal was won by a woman, our own Lauren Burns, who is also our organisation’s patron. Our association operates on the merit principle in assigning people to positions within the organisation and teams, but proportionally women are underrepresented because in many instances they either decline a leadership invitation or do not put themselves forward as candidates. We sincerely hope that this conference will encourage women to aspire to leadership roles in the sports that they already embrace. Taekwondo Australia looks forward to supporting the conference.’

John Gradisar, CEO, Taekwondo Australia

Bowls Australia is very pleased to endorse the ASIA PACIFIC World Sport and Women Conference in 2012. I am very enthused to support this exciting initiative for the promotion of women’s sport.

Neil Dalrymple, CEO, Bowls Australia

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