Why would I want to undertake a 360 Personal Brand Review?

Everyone recognises the ‘high-value’ importance of their individual brand and reputation.  What many of us want is to ‘exert influence’ with that brand and reputation and improve it for the purpose of:

  • Personal Brand capitalisation
  • Personal Brand improvement/alignment
  • Career development/change
  • Salary negotiation
  • Career  security or advancement
  • Quality Board appointments
  • Media leveraging power/Personal Public Relations
  • Social Media Brand Management

What do I get for my money?

You receive the three part 360 Personal Brand review including a customised current ‘Status Report’ and a personalised ‘Road Map’ at the conclusion of your review.

  • Part 1:  The ‘Status Report’, a confidential concise analysis, of your current ‘Personal Brand value’ aligned to your personally selected career goals (State, National and International).
  • Part 2:  A strategic plan ‘360 Personal Brand Road Map’ with step by step recommendations for action to reach your personally selected goals including timelines; milestones; professional development, networks and media strategies.
  • Part 3:  A summary of qualified positive reinforcement statements, ‘Testimonials’, supplied by ‘external reviewers’ to be used for Personal/Professional Biography, Curriculum Vitae and Testimonial purposes, Media or Public Relations Brand leveraging.

Value add offering:

  • Free ‘qualified’ response for incoming reference checks
  • Invitation to 360 Personal Brand Networking activities
  • Tax Deductibility

How is this 360 Personal Brand different from other programs?

We follow up; our hands-on approach ensures that we involve you at all the critical points.  We involve you at all the critical points without impacting on your valuable time and energy. We will support you through every agreed milestone.  We encourage you to tap into our networks to further develop your brand.  We’ll keep you up to date with new developments via electronic media.  We give you practical information, no fancy words – just facts.

How do I sign up?

 ‘Who do you think you are?’ ‘Where do you want to be?’ ‘How do you want to get there?’ Email now to discuss how you can capitalise on your own 360 Personal Brand review to learn where you really are and what you’re really worth.

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