“My 360 Personal Brand review provided me with an accurate account of my value to the organisation. The testimonials from clients, suppliers and industry peers allowed me to negotiate a better package during annual salary talks. My Board of Directors were impressed with the ‘reality’ of my reputational value and what I actually bring to the business.”

CEO, Australia

“My 360 Personal Brand review highlighted my skills, expertise and strong knowledge base across a number of arenas. I knew I was doing it, but I had never really articulated it before. Once people knew that I was interested in National Board roles, the opportunities started to present themselves.”

Independent Director, Australia

“My 360 Personal Brand review gave me the confidence to apply for roles that I would never have believed were possible for me. The testimonials from my reviewers were as good as references and the credibility of the information I was able to use was unquestionable.”

Senior Manager, Australia

“The writing was on the wall for me, so my 360 Personal Brand review was a timely investment in myself. The confidential report gave me the facts about my reputation and true strengths from a business perspective and the ‘Road Map’ led me to improve my chances of succeeding in a new role. It would have turned out quite differently if I’d simply waited for the axe to fall.”

Senior Manager, Australia

“I really wanted to build my reputation as an ‘authority’ in my specialist field. My 360 Personal Brand review helped me leverage my profile and I can see that the requests to present at state and national conferences and write articles for publication will only increase with time.”

Conference Presenter, Australia

“Our Board of Directors weren’t aware of the skills gap that existed on our Board so we commissioned a customised ‘Review’ from Spheres of Influence which resulted in a succession plan and retention strategy that will see our organisation thrive for many years to come.”

CEO, National Not for Profit Organisation

“Our National Team underwent a Review of their brand value in terms of media recognition. The result is that we now have a ‘media communications plan’ for each of our National Athletes that combines a mix of media training and local, state and national media exposure that is building our organisational brand as well as that of the individuals.”

CEO, National Sporting Organisation

“We wanted to provide Staff with an ‘employer of choice’ program aligned with the organisation’s desire to reward, recognise and retain good staff by investing in their future. Aligned with our performance appraisal process, strategic goals, values and marketing objectives, Spheres designed a 360 Personal Brand Review that suited us perfectly and gave our team confidence in the fact that the results would not be used to expose weakness, but rather reinforce strengths.”

CEO, National Sporting Organisation

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