Influence in Corporate Testimonials

“Spheres of Influence International has a strong awareness of the market that it operates in and undertakes detailed research in forming opinions.”

Neil Dalrymple, CEO, Bowls Australia

“The team at Spheres of Influence International are always accommodating and professional…their handling of the practical aspects of the project has been excellent.”

Gerri Christie, Executive Director RFDS Victorian Section

“Patrizia knows the significance of the stakeholder and the importance of satisfying their needs and wants. She will make sure that the proper research has been done so that she and her team can respond strategically.”

Tony Conabere, Director Janus Consulting

“Patrizia has been involved in a number of projects and research on behalf of the Office for Women, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australian Sports Commission, Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth and Cricket Australia. These roles have given her a strong understanding of diverse community needs across a broad range of businesses and organizations and the ability to work with communities in a collaborative and inclusive manner.”

Luke Donnellan, MP

Influence in Education Testimonials

“The marketing success we saw at our school during Patrizia’s watch was so much a function of her imaginative, innovative mind especially as she positioned the campaign to capture the ‘first generation’ independent school parent.”

Tony Conabere, former Principal and Director Janus Consulting

“The professionalism, expertise and commitment of Spheres of Influence International staff is synonymous with the core work of RFDS. The quality of the end product is excellent. I am delighted beyond expectation with the outcome.”

Gerri Christie, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Victorian Section

“… has linked in extremely well with our integrated topic of Australian History.


“…was an excellent way for students to interact with one another and share knowledge


“…has been extremely positive. Our teachers love the fact that all the lessons linked and they are able to use the knowledge gained in previous lessons to discuss new ideas. The lesson plans are detailed and the students really enjoyed the focus on Geography

Principal, Victoria

“…is a wonderful resource – the facts, details etc. are in the one place – together with ideas as to how the resource can be used and modified.  The teacher has adapted the materials to suit our unique mode of delivery. The resource will continue to be used with students.  Many of our students are recipients of the Royal Flying Doctor service and the materials have been used in family discussions.  Has seemed to validate the student’s work with our distance education program…”

Deputy Principal, Western Australia

“Patrizia has a strong passion for cultural change and engagement of the wider community. With proven business and financial management skills, demonstrated success in operations and administration, and expertise in the area of negotiation, promotion and communication, she would be a valuable asset to any organization.

Luke Donnellan, MP

Influence in Sport Testimonials

“Spheres of Influence have a very broad and thorough knowledge of the sports industry; complimented by its creative, strategic and innovative thinking which is extremely helpful in motivating staff members and Board Directors alike.”

Neil Dalrymple, CEO, Bowls Australia

“Patrizia successfully negotiated on behalf of Cricket Australia with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship an important and strategic partnership that significantly advanced the public and community relations and business objectives of the two entities. She demonstrated excellent communication and liaison skills and presented the perspectives and position of her organisation in a courteous and professional manner. She has respected the position and points of view of the other party and negotiated with integrity and in good faith.”

Doug Stewart, Department of Immigration and Citizenship

“The teaching materials Patrizia produced for Cricket Australia combined the best of learning pedagogies with the best of coaching lessons, something that I had not seen achieved before. That she managed to get two such diverse traditions onto the same page with such brilliant effect is a tribute to her special expertise.”

Tony Conabere, Educational Leader and Director, Janus Consulting

“I feel privileged to have known and worked with Patrizia for many years. Thoroughly professional in all aspects of her business career Patrizia thrives on challenges and whilst respecting tradition she is at the same time an innovative and clear thinking leader. Patrizia’s enthusiasm is infectious and her expertise in blending lessons learned in the education sector into the sporting landscape is unsurpassed.”

Ken Jacobs, Director, Ken Jacobs and Associates

“Patrizia has led this work to be a leading sport and recreation provider for culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Victoria and together with the Victoria Police Soccer Club, has contributed significantly to the lives of young people and their families by providing much needed support in the form of time, resources, equipment, apparel, and sometimes just the simple things like friendship and human contact.

Vincent Manno, Detective Leading Senior Constable, Secretary – Victoria Police Soccer Club

“Patrizia has been responsible for the excellent delivery of a number of leadership programs and solutions for business.”

Luke Donnellan, MP

Influence in Community Testimonials

“Patrizia understands that government departments are responsible for public monies and answerable to Parliament and usually operate within legislative frameworks. These formalities can complicate and slow negotiations. During the development of the partnership between this department and Cricket Australian, she demonstrated patience and perseverance. Consequently, the department and Cricket Australia were able to reach agreement, work collaboratively and implement an important national project that is mutually beneficial. I congratulate her on this successful outcome and recommend her for any senior liaison, advocacy or public relations role that engages the public and government.”

Doug Stewart, Department of Immigration & Citizenship

“Patrizia can get a job done! She has a very sharp mind, the capacity to analyse a problem, to cost and plan a solution and the resolution to work with colleagues to see that solution realised.”

Tony Conabere, Director Janus Consulting

“A very well organised session…an immediate feeling of being part of a team working in the same direction.”

Janet Larwood, School of Isolated and Distance Education, Western Australia

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience your program. In teaching we never get to see a program and give feedback or trial it before we are expected to teach it so your process is rare. My class is very excited about trialing the resource.”

Barbara Barker, Teacher

“At all times the support and communication from Spheres of Influence International has been timely and detailed with no delay in response time or sharing of information.”

Belinda Pearson, Teacher

“Patrizia’s ability to strategically communicate with diverse people from different levels, ranging from government departments through to the grass roots levels of various communities, allows her to keep abreast of local and impacting issues, whilst simultaneously forming sustainable alliances to overcome these issues.  Her leadership assists communities in tackling the barriers they face on a daily basis and offers activities, employment and training to CALD communities with the aim of improving self esteem, leadership skills, less at risk behaviour and increased community involvement.”

Vincent Manno, Detective Leading Senior Constable, Secretary – Victoria Police Soccer Club

“As an experienced senior manager, Patrizia has a positive leadership style which produces high levels of respect and loyalty. Her presentation and communication skills are of a high standard and she has a proven track record of risk management, problem solving and issues resolution. Her sound knowledge and experience of governance, legislation policies and constitutional compliance ensures she is able to work her way through issues involving local, state and federal government with ease.”

Luke Donnellan, MP

360 Personal Brand Testimonials

“My 360 Personal Brand review provided me with an accurate account of my value to the organisation. The testimonials from clients, suppliers and industry peers allowed me to negotiate a better package during annual salary talks. My Board of Directors were impressed with the ‘reality’ of my reputational value and what I actually bring to the business.”

CEO, Australia

“My 360 Personal Brand review highlighted my skills, expertise and strong knowledge base across a number of arenas. I knew I was doing it, but I had never really articulated it before. Once people knew that I was interested in National Board roles, the opportunities started to present themselves.”

Independent Director, Australia

“My 360 Personal Brand review gave me the confidence to apply for roles that I would never have believed were possible for me. The testimonials from my reviewers were as good as references and the credibility of the information I was able to use was unquestionable.”

Senior Manager, Australia

“The writing was on the wall for me, so my 360 Personal Brand review was a timely investment in myself. The confidential report gave me the facts about my reputation and true strengths from a business perspective and the ‘Road Map’ led me to improve my chances of succeeding in a new role. It would have turned out quite differently if I’d simply waited for the axe to fall.”

Senior Manager, Australia

“I really wanted to build my reputation as an ‘authority’ in my specialist field. My 360 Personal Brand review helped me leverage my profile and I can see that the requests to present at state and national conferences and write articles for publication will only increase with time.”

Conference Presenter, Australia

“Our Board of Directors weren’t aware of the skills gap that existed on our Board so we commissioned a customised ‘Review’ from Spheres of Influence which resulted in a succession plan and retention strategy that will see our organisation thrive for many years to come.”

CEO, National Not for Profit Organisation

“Our National Team underwent a Review of their brand value in terms of media recognition. The result is that we now have a ‘media communications plan’ for each of our National Athletes that combines a mix of media training and local, state and national media exposure that is building our organisational brand as well as that of the individuals.”

CEO, National Sporting Organisation

“We wanted to provide Staff with an ‘employer of choice’ program aligned with the organisation’s desire to reward, recognise and retain good staff by investing in their future. Aligned with our performance appraisal process, strategic goals, values and marketing objectives, Spheres designed a 360 Personal Brand Review that suited us perfectly and gave our team confidence in the fact that the results would not be used to expose weakness, but rather reinforce strengths.”

CEO, National Sporting Organisation

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