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APWSW Endorsements

‘I would like to offer my support and commend you on your efforts. I believe through ongoing education we can effect real change, and it is vitally important that young girls have strong role models across all areas of society, including sports and the media, who can inspire them.  I think the APWSW will work towards achieving true gender equality

Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference 2014

Quick Facts Purpose The Asia Pacific World Sport & Women Conference 2014 looks at the world’s most popular sport and provides a global platform to explore ‘how’ and ‘why’ women consume sport. Learn how to increase female consumption from grassroots participation and international representation to the boardroom and stadia across the Asia Pacific Region and beyond. The conference will feature

Australian Women Leading the Way in the International Arena

On the theme of women leading in sport it is most satisfying to see our very own Sarah Elliot (nee Edwards) and the magnificent ‘Southern Stars’ Australian Women’s Cricket Team bring home the ICC Twenty20 World Cup from Barbados. Interestingly the men’s and women’s tournaments were jointly held in the Caribbean, which offered the Australian men’s team an opportunity to

Beyond Expectations

Those of you familiar with the work of Professor Andrew Hargreaves, will also be aware of the high esteem in which we hold Andy here at Spheres of Influence International. We are proud to announce that Professor Hargreaves will be in Melbourne later this year to once again engage with educational leaders across the country and share his expertise and

Professor Andrew Hargreaves

Professor Andrew Hargreaves will be in Melbourne Exclusively for Spheres of Influence International EDUCATION Ph.D. University of Leeds Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Sheffield City College of Education B.A. II.1 University of Sheffield Andy Hargreaves is the Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. Its mission is to promote social justice and connect

Dr Dennis Shirley

Dr Dennis Shirley will be in Melbourne exclusively in October for Spheres of Influence International. Dr. Dennis Shirley’s work in education spans from the microlevel of assisting beginning teachers to the macrolevel of designing and guiding large-scale research and intervention projects . EDUCATION Ed.D., Harvard University EXPERTISE/INTERESTS Models of community organizing for school reform; history of education

5th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport

by Sally Ryan, Project Manager International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) As a participant or supporter of the 5th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport earlier this year, Patrizia Torelli invites you to contribute relevant data for the Sydney Scoreboard. The Sydney Scoreboard is the legacy of the 5th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport, held

Sports COPPS on Gippsland Tour

by Vincent Manno,Detective Leading Senior Constable, Victoria Police Over 2000 primary and secondary students enjoyed the recent visit from the Onside Victoria team when Sports COPPS Gippsland Tour came to town. As Chair of OnSide Victoria, Patrizia Torelli continues to lead the charge and influence the tremendous outcomes that reflect the professionalism of all volunteers and supporters aligned with OnSide