Case Study 1


To conduct a Professional Development ‘User Training’ session for fourteen teachers from across Australia of the RFDS Look! Up in the Sky School Resource.

Key Objectives

Consolidating connections with existing national RFDS stakeholders, teachers underwent training to perform ‘live testing’ of the program in their schools to evaluate and provide input to the completed project.

Selecting a broad range of settings, including remote and distance education schools, the approach was an opportunity to leverage the reach and add value to the project and include national coverage the testing period.


All Pilot Schools confirmed their commitment to:

  • Integrate the Look! Up in the Sky © curriculum unit into their teaching and learning programs;
  • Promote their association with the Look! Up in the Sky © initiative in their community;
  • Help evaluate and assess the program by providing feedback to Spheres of Influence International;
  • Be committed to the success of the program in their school and become long – term ambassadors of the product.


  • National ‘live testing’ in the mix including small rural schools, remote and distant education, urban schools, schools with a high CALD community ratio, catholic and state primary and secondary schools.
  • Reach exceeded expectations by Student reach 471; direct teacher reach 17.


Website: Royal Flying Doctor Service

PDF Download: Foreward by Kevin Rudd, MP

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