“Patrizia understands that government departments are responsible for public monies and answerable to Parliament and usually operate within legislative frameworks. These formalities can complicate and slow negotiations. During the development of the partnership between this department and Cricket Australian, she demonstrated patience and perseverance. Consequently, the department and Cricket Australia were able to reach agreement, work collaboratively and implement an important national project that is mutually beneficial. I congratulate her on this successful outcome and recommend her for any senior liaison, advocacy or public relations role that engages the public and government.”

Doug Stewart, Department of Immigration & Citizenship

“Patrizia can get a job done! She has a very sharp mind, the capacity to analyse a problem, to cost and plan a solution and the resolution to work with colleagues to see that solution realised.”

Tony Conabere, Director Janus Consulting

“A very well organised session…an immediate feeling of being part of a team working in the same direction.”

Janet Larwood, School of Isolated and Distance Education, Western Australia

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience your program. In teaching we never get to see a program and give feedback or trial it before we are expected to teach it so your process is rare. My class is very excited about trialing the resource.”

Barbara Barker, Teacher

“At all times the support and communication from Spheres of Influence International has been timely and detailed with no delay in response time or sharing of information.”

Belinda Pearson, Teacher

“Patrizia’s ability to strategically communicate with diverse people from different levels, ranging from government departments through to the grass roots levels of various communities, allows her to keep abreast of local and impacting issues, whilst simultaneously forming sustainable alliances to overcome these issues.  Her leadership assists communities in tackling the barriers they face on a daily basis and offers activities, employment and training to CALD communities with the aim of improving self esteem, leadership skills, less at risk behaviour and increased community involvement.”

Vincent Manno, Detective Leading Senior Constable, Secretary – Victoria Police Soccer Club

“As an experienced senior manager, Patrizia has a positive leadership style which produces high levels of respect and loyalty. Her presentation and communication skills are of a high standard and she has a proven track record of risk management, problem solving and issues resolution. Her sound knowledge and experience of governance, legislation policies and constitutional compliance ensures she is able to work her way through issues involving local, state and federal government with ease.”

Luke Donnellan, MP

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