Case Study 1


Spheres to write and design national competition entry criteria and supporting materials for this major Multi-National sponsor of a National Sporting organisation.

Key Objectives

The national ‘Cheer ‘Em On’ promotion during Australian Cricket season invites Australian school aged children to compose, record, film and upload their ‘Ashes’ chant/song to a dedicated public website. As an integral part of the competition, Spheres completes an audit and develops the Curriculum Focus and key milestones for the activity. This leads to the completion of a lesson plan aligned with the key goals set by sponsor.


Spheres develops the competition’s curriculum subject content which includes music, language (English and LOTE), ITC and drama elements. The nationwide appeal of the project requires content and design to link with the new national curriculum framework.


  • National launch of the competition;
  • Distribution to all Australian Schools;
  • Multi-media promotional channels;
  • International appeal.


Website: Milo Cheer ‘Em On

PDF Download: Milo Cheer ‘Em On

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