Case Study 2


To present an innovation concept to the Board of Directors on behalf of this State Not for Profit organisation’s CEO and senior management.

Key Objectives

To seek approval to initiate a state based educational program and secure the financial investment to proceed. Facilitate open discussion directly related to the long term benefits of the project to the Board and outline additional funding and sponsorship opportunities to secure a financially viable outcome.


  • Delivery of a unique, high quality presentation to the Board of Directors;
  • Leverage the opportunity with the National body and securing National support;
  • Identify sound sponsorship opportunities of corporate investment;
  • Inform and secure the buy-in of Board of Directors to the project.


  • Delivery of an outstanding professional development opportunity to a National cohort of teachers ;
  • Engage with committed, passionate and dedicated Directors;
  • Raise the profile of the State body and position it as a best-practise organisation;
  • Secure the National organisation’s endorsement and investment to the project;
  • Expand the potential market reach by 200%.

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