Case Study 3


Spheres facilitates Stakeholder and Senior Management Strategic Planning Workshops for this State Government body to develop mid to long-term strategic priorities, key performance measurements and implementation processes.

Key Objectives

To set clear directional priorities and measurements based on the organisational purpose, and to address the four key strategic pillars.


  • Develop effective client relationship strategies and measurements;
  • Enhance relationship management skills;
  • Take a national leadership role;
  • Embed effective and sustainable workforce planning;
  • Secure a place as an employer of choice;
  • Develop good leaders that are resilient and accountable managers
  • Ensure structures and systems enable and sustain this high-performing organisation
  • Develop, implement and monitor the Governance performance framework
  • Build the professionalism of the organisation’s services
  • Develop and implement an effective business management Framework


  • Support open and frank conversation;
  • Secure stronger stakeholder engagement and sustained relationships;
  • Develop consensus on priorities;
  • Set agreed principals and appropriate implementation;
  • Inform parliamentary report.

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