Case Study 4


Spheres facilitates State Sporting organisation Board Workshop and Retreat.

Key Objectives

To set clear directional strategies on the integration of this gender specific sporting organisation with another state sporting organisation and identify ways to increase participation.


  • Review the national strategies for this sport against the current status of the client state.
  • Track the full integration model and determine areas for improvement
  • Representation at delegates’ level;
  • Board succession;
  • Life members;
  • Audit and risk impact of timeliness of ‘full integration’
  • Representation level;
  • Funding;
  • Sustainability of clubs from junior to state representation;
  • Participation growth.


  • Continued lobbying of State Government to support appropriate integration;
  • Raises awareness and support for diversity of  new board;
  • Continue to involve partners in high level networking and mentoring events;
  • Determine non-negotiable integration strategies;
  • Actively promote regular reporting of integration milestones .


Website: Cricket Victoria

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