Case Study 2


Connecting Corporate Australia to the Classroom’ forums explore the shifting trends and key issues impacting the education landscape and to debate the role of corporate Australia in schools. How the education sector reacts to approaches of corporate support defines the role of corporate Australia in our schools.

Key Objectives

Leaders in both education and the corporate worlds gather to discuss fundamental industry challenges and opportunities to develop strong partnerships and craft the strategies needed to succeed in connecting the two sectors for mutual benefit.


Provided industry leaders with an open forum to discuss the specific challenges of engaging with the education sector across the five areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Investment
  • Growth
  • Sponsorship
  • Media


  • Attended by 128 education and corporate leaders, key business decision-makers, education specialists and administrators, corporate marketers, and sponsorship professionals;
  • Extensive media coverage with a conservatively estimated indirect reach to a population of over 250,000;
  • Unlocking the secrets of successful leadership in partnering with the education sector;
  • Collaborating on new initiatives to assist increased  corporate involvement in education;
  • Accessing partners to develop initiatives to create profitable revenue streams for all parties;
  • Testing the management insights that create commercially sustainable education and business relationships;
  • Identifying the most appropriate strategies for managing and growing the association between education and business in the current economic climate;
  • Sponsored by Insight Publications and the National Gallery of Victoria


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