Case Study 1


Spheres to provide this National Sporting organisation with ‘advisory services’ in response to the Australian Sports Commission’s review of sport funding and the potential future impact on this sport.

Key Objectives

To make comment on six areas of the report which resonate most with this Australian sport – Including:

  • A National Sports Vision;
  • Australian Sports Commission and Institutes of Sport;
  • National and State Sporting Organisation capacity building;
  • Sport in schools;
  • Community sport;
  • Funding.


  • Recommendations that focus on participation, community sport enhancement and allocating appropriate funding to ensuring that more Australians become more active and therefore healthier.
  • The benefits derived from the development of community sport in Australia can be achieved and complement the high performance or elite pathway.
  • Credibility and recognition of this sport’s willingness to look forward to being an active and proactive participant to the future of Australian sport.


National recognition that ‘Participation’ in sport is a vital community activity that adds so much more than passive recreation. Benefits such as: valued social connection, sense of belonging, inclusiveness across cultures, skill development, learning to win/lose, developing other skills (cooperation, contributing, sharing, taking responsibility, having fun, enhanced self-esteem, etc) are the keys to a healthier, happier and more productive Australian society.


PDF Download: Response to the Independent Sport Panel’s Review of Sport

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