Case Study 3


Spheres to provide a final review of the National Junior Policy for this National sport. The internal processs has been undertaken by senior management in consultation with STA members and other expert stakeholder partners over the previous 12 months. The National Junior Policy has taken into consideration all feedback and is proposed for approval and implementation.

Key Objectives

To ensure that the policy truly reflects all stakeholder needs including the State and Territory Associations, Australian Sports Commission, Institutes of Sport, the education sector and the National body to deliver an evolutionary National Junior Policy.


The review included the following areas of focus:

  • Junior – Primary: Children aged between 5 – 9 years old
  • Junior – Intermediate: Children aged between 9 – 13 years old
  • Junior – Youth: Children aged between 13 – under 18
  • Getting Young People Involved
  • Encouraging Long Term Involvement
  • Pathways & Game Formats
  • Quality Coaching
  • Forming Links with stakeholders
  • People making it happen – the human resources
  • Making Sport Safe (Safety and Legal Considerations)


The revised National Junior Policy addressed the issues identified by the member State and Territory Associations and recommended a set of principles and processes to improve the outcomes for all stakeholders.

The recommendations outline operational and implementation opportunities which align with the new strategic plan for this National sport, but still allow for flexibility to evolve with the changing needs of this sport’s community in the coming years.

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