Case Study 2


Spheres to manage a ‘Staff Career Development Review’.  A confidential audit of ‘skilled assets’ within this National sporting body to coincide with an organisational restructure for growth.

Key Objectives

Deliver a detailed analysis of current skilled resources engaged and available to the organisation and provide an accurate view of where the organisation should invest in professional development opportunities for staff or recruit additional skilled personnel.

Provide Staff with an ‘employer of choice’ program aligned with the organisation’s desire to reward, recognise and retain good staff by investing in their future. Aligned with the organisation’s performance appraisal process, strategic goals, organisational values and marketing objectives.


The outcomes are reflected in the development of ongoing HR strategies, professional development protocols and educational initiatives in terms of staff recruitment and retention.

Staff satisfaction levels rose due to the fact that the organisation is ‘investing’ in their career development.


  • Unprecedented increased staff satisfaction levels;
  • Clearly defined career development and advancement strategies which were not obvious to the organisation prior to the review;
  • An independent, trusted, confidential and coordinated approach to Professional Development.

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