“Spheres of Influence have a very broad and thorough knowledge of the sports industry; complimented by its creative, strategic and innovative thinking which is extremely helpful in motivating staff members and Board Directors alike.”

Neil Dalrymple, CEO, Bowls Australia

“Patrizia successfully negotiated on behalf of Cricket Australia with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship an important and strategic partnership that significantly advanced the public and community relations and business objectives of the two entities. She demonstrated excellent communication and liaison skills and presented the perspectives and position of her organisation in a courteous and professional manner. She has respected the position and points of view of the other party and negotiated with integrity and in good faith.”

Doug Stewart, Department of Immigration and Citizenship

“The teaching materials Patrizia produced for Cricket Australia combined the best of learning pedagogies with the best of coaching lessons, something that I had not seen achieved before. That she managed to get two such diverse traditions onto the same page with such brilliant effect is a tribute to her special expertise.”

Tony Conabere, Educational Leader and Director, Janus Consulting

“I feel privileged to have known and worked with Patrizia for many years. Thoroughly professional in all aspects of her business career Patrizia thrives on challenges and whilst respecting tradition she is at the same time an innovative and clear thinking leader. Patrizia’s enthusiasm is infectious and her expertise in blending lessons learned in the education sector into the sporting landscape is unsurpassed.”

Ken Jacobs, Director, Ken Jacobs and Associates

“Patrizia has led this work to be a leading sport and recreation provider for culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Victoria and together with the Victoria Police Soccer Club, has contributed significantly to the lives of young people and their families by providing much needed support in the form of time, resources, equipment, apparel, and sometimes just the simple things like friendship and human contact.

Vincent Manno, Detective Leading Senior Constable, Secretary – Victoria Police Soccer Club

“Patrizia has been responsible for the excellent delivery of a number of leadership programs and solutions for business.”

Luke Donnellan, MP


PDF Download: Bowls Australia Response to the Crawford Report

Website: Cricket Australia – Cricket Kids Harmony

Website: Cricket Australia – School Cricket Resource

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